The Very Last Castle

⭐️ The Very Last Castle received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews.

🏅 The Very Last Castle was selected as a Best Book of the Month at Amazon.

🎉 The Very Last Castle was named one of the best books of 2018 by Kirkus Reviews.

I wrote the words, Mark Pett made the pictures. The Very Last Castle is out in the world. Here's a bit about the book:

A curious little girl watches the man who guards the last castle in town. Every time she passes by him, she tries to catch his eye. While the other townspeople fear what may be locked up inside the mysterious castle, the girl finally gets up the courage to knock on the door and find out what’s really behind the gate. A story about overcoming fear of the unknown, trying new things, and reaching out to make new friends, The Very Last Castle shows that bravery comes in packages both big and small.


The Creativity Project

I wrote a short story for The Creativity Project edited by Colby Sharp. Here's a bit about the book:

Colby Sharp invited more than forty authors and illustrators to provide story starters for each other; photos, drawings, poems, prose, or anything they could dream up. When they received their prompts, they responded by transforming these seeds into any form of creative work they wanted to share.